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The premier home inspection company in Penticton. We have been trusted by home buyers to help them make informed buying decisions. Our home inspections typically range from 2-3 hours long depending on the size of the house and you are invited to follow along with your inspector as they perform their inspection.

We take great pride in every inspection we perform. When the inspection is over, your inspector will prepare a detailed inspection report regarding the property.

Penticton Home Inspections Home Inspections

Whether you're buying or selling a home, having a professional home inspection from a leading home inspection company will give you peace of mind and assist you in a fair and smooth transaction.

Penticton Air Quality Diagnostics Water Quality Diagnostics

Whether you're looking to improve your current home and make it a healthy dwelling, or you want to know if a new home will support better health, Lowes Home Inspections can run numerous tests to ensure the standard of living you require.